In the last phase of her life, Queen Elizabeth II allegedly unveiled her candid sentiments about Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and wife of her grandson, Prince Harry. The monarch referred to the American actress as "evil," and their marriage a "disaster," according to claims by British socialites.

A few weeks prior to her death, the Queen, typically known for her grace and diplomacy, surprised attendees of a gathering at Balmoral Castle with her remarkably frank criticism of the Duchess. “During the pre-dinner drinks, the Queen was in conversation with a small group when she asserted that Harry's union with Meghan was an absolute disaster and labelled her as evil,” recounted a source from the event, noting the astonishment of the attendees.

It was reported that such sharp words were not characteristic of the Queen, who has the longest reign in British history. However, the source claimed that Elizabeth had seen Meghan's true colors and, as her health declined, felt the need to voice her disappointment regarding the unfolding situation.

“It was shocking to hear such words from the world's most forgiving woman,” added the source. This was not the first instance when Queen Elizabeth allegedly expressed her dissatisfaction about Harry's decision to marry the biracial American actress, who is now 41.

Following Harry and Meghan's decision to relocate to California, they have reportedly remained a persistent source of discomfort for the royal family. Tom Bower, a renowned biographer, asserts that Queen Elizabeth once expressed her relief at Meghan's absence during Prince Philip's funeral, remarking, "Thank goodness Meghan is not coming."

Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral and Related Ceremonies Cost $201 Million, UK Government Confirms

The UK government has revealed that the events surrounding Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral and the associated ceremonies have cost taxpayers approximately GBP 162 million ($201 million). The Queen, Britain's longest-reigning monarch, passed away last year.

The funeral drew immense crowds, including foreign dignitaries and royals, who paid their respects in both London and Edinburgh. The expense largely resulted from accommodating the public and maintaining high-level security during the funeral and related ceremonies.

John Glen, the finance minister, confirmed the total cost in a parliamentary address, highlighting that GBP 73.7 million of the expense was handled by the interior ministry, responsible for law enforcement. The Department for Culture, Media and Sport provided GBP 57.4 million, and the Scottish government offered GBP 18.8 million.

Amid the ongoing economic challenges facing the UK and the recent costly coronation of King Charles III, Queen Elizabeth's successor, the enormous funeral expenditure is under criticism.

Buckingham Palace, however, denies the reported security cost of over GBP 100 million for the coronation. The extended weekend of celebration, marking the Queen's passing and King Charles' ascension, required over 5,000 police officers, marking it as the largest policing operation by the Metropolitan Police, even surpassing the 2012 Olympic Games' ceremonies.

While critics have slammed the coronation's expenses, supporters argue that the added public holiday and celebrations will stimulate the economy through increased consumer spending and tourism.