Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, is reported to have a clandestine bunker located roughly 50 meters under the Black Sea, according to recent revelations. The news adds to the ongoing speculation that Putin has numerous undisclosed shelters scattered across Russia. This latest revelation points to a secretive location on the Gelendzhik resort town's coast.

Sources from the Daily Star indicate that this hidden bunker under the Black Sea is a lavish palace covering 190,000 square feet and estimated to have cost over a billion dollars to build.

The bunker reportedly boasts an array of luxurious facilities catering to Putin's tastes. It includes a dedicated hockey rink, a wine cellar, a hookah lounge, a casino, a church, and even a stripper pole.

A dual-tunnel bunker, said to be 'fortified' and enveloped in over 15 inches of concrete, is installed under this extravagant palace. Blueprints showcasing the secret Black Sea bunker's layout have allegedly been leaked online, exposing the bunker's complex emergency systems designed to safeguard Putin and his guests.

Russian structural engineer Thaddeus Gabryszewski describes the bunker's security: "The tunnel configuration has a comprehensive safety and security setup. Fire systems, water, and sewerage are included. It's designed for survival or escape."

The disclosure of this secret bunker comes at a time when rumors of Putin's rising paranoia concerning his presidency are swirling, especially in light of the continuing conflict in Ukraine.

Reports suggest Putin has created several safe havens to escape potential threats to his power and has even resorted to misdirecting about his location to confuse possible assassins.

Michael C. Kimmage, a former U.S. State Department official, asserts Putin probably harbors substantial "anxiety" about his "legitimacy" as Russia's president, with the bunker network ensuring his "personal safety."

Kimmage elaborates, "Putin is apprehensive about his contentious legitimacy as Russia's leader. Since his legitimacy isn't fully established by elections, he aims to enhance his personal safety via an array of fortified personal residences."

In contrast, Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesperson, dismissed the rumors of Putin's secret bunkers just days before this revelation. Peskov stated in April, "Rumors that Putin has multiple doubles working for him while he stays in a bunker have been circulating. This is yet another fabrication and a clear lie."