In a surprise development, Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly prepared to engage in peace talks with Pope Francis concerning the protracted conflict in Ukraine, according to information obtained by

The revelation emerges over a year after Russia launched a military incursion into Ukraine in February 2022. Now, Putin, at 70 years old, seems poised to entertain discussions with a peace envoy dispatched by Pope Francis with the aim of resolving the ongoing strife.

According to an unidentified Vatican official, cited by Daily Star, the Pope’s concerted effort to stimulate peace negotiations responds to the pressing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. "We cannot stand idly by as the war of aggression rages on in that country," the official stated on Wednesday. "The Ukrainian people are the ones dying and suffering. It's high time for measures to be implemented towards establishing just peace in Ukraine and across all of Europe’s so-called gray areas."

The same source emphasized that the Vatican would persist in its peacekeeping role, stating, "I assure you, the Holy See will continue to do its part."

During a trip to Budapest last month, Pope Francis hinted at the potential peace talks involving himself, Putin, and Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. However, he remained reticent about specifics since the “mission” was not yet public knowledge.

“Everyone has a stake in the pursuit of peace," the Pontiff stated in April. "I am ready to do whatever is necessary. While a mission is underway, its details remain confidential for now. Once it's made public, I'll discuss it further."

Pope Francis' comments are of particular significance considering his previous unsuccessful attempt to engage Putin in peace dialogues. In May 2022, the Russian leader overlooked the Pope's attempt to address a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Reflecting on this earlier effort, the Pope said, “I had expressed my readiness to travel to Moscow, assuming the Kremlin leader could provide a suitable opportunity. But we’re yet to receive a response, and we keep pressing, even if I fear that Putin may not be able or willing to arrange this meeting at present.”