Singer and actress IU has showcased her professional spirit by confidently carrying out her schedule despite facing malicious accusations and rumors.

On May 13, IU attended the stage greeting for the movie 'Dream.' The event took place at the CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Yongsan District, Seoul. That day, IU, along with her 'Dream' co-stars including Park Seo-joon, thanked the audience who had come to watch 'Dream.'

IU met the audience in a pretty floral dress and a cardigan.

On the 9th, IU was reported to the police over 'plagiarism suspicions.' The person, referred to as 'A,' who raised the plagiarism suspicions had accused IU of violating copyright law. 'A' claimed through the complaint that they suspected plagiarism in six of IU's songs, including 'Red Shoes,' 'Good Day,' 'BBIBBI,' 'Pitiful,' 'Boo,' and 'Celebrity.'

However, in response to this, IU's agency EDAM Entertainment stated they would sternly respond to not only the malicious plagiarism suspicions but also the harmful rumors. The agency said, "According to the facts confirmed so far, the accuser has no rights over the songs they raised 'suspicions' about. Despite claiming a public interest in the plagiarism 'suspicions,' they targeted the singer, not the songwriter, leading us to question the purpose and malice of their actions. As soon as we understand the details of the accusation, we will strongly respond with evidence prepared in collaboration with music experts and composers based on months of fan reports."

The agency also said, "An investigation into the distributor of leaflets dealing with espionage rumors is also underway. We've collected various pieces of evidence and submitted a complaint to the investigative authorities through a law firm, and we're narrowing down the investigation network to track down the producer and distributor. Spreading false facts is a clear criminal act, and we're aware of the increasingly organized and malicious slanders. We'll take measures to ensure that the artist's reputation is not tarnished by such groundless and unpleasant rumors, and we'll definitely find the source and make them legally accountable."

In this way, despite recent hardships due to the accusations and malicious rumors, IU kept her promise to her fans and the film by attending the last stage greeting for 'Dream.' She did not show any signs of difficulty and had a lively conversation with the audience, captivating them with her radiant smile. Amid news that 'Dream' has surpassed one million viewers, she showed a spirited attitude with her co-stars.

Fans are again sending their support to IU, who is bravely dealing with these malicious accusations and rumors. They hope that this incident of malicious accusations related to plagiarism, targeted not at the songwriter but IU, will be resolved promptly.