As Queen Consort Camilla prepares for her coronation alongside King Charles next month, recent reports suggest she may be asserting her authority over Kate Middleton, creating tension between the two. However, other evidence points to a harmonious relationship between the royal women.

Rumors have circulated that Queen Consort Camilla is reminding the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, of her superior position within the royal family. A source told Radar Online:

"It's been this elephant in the room for so many years, since Camilla feels Kate merely tolerates her. But things are about to get VERY different. That means Kate — and everyone else in the royal household, for that matter — needs to fall in line or incur her wrath."

Insiders claim that Prince William's stepmother is determined to solidify her status and allegedly demands that Kate, as the wife of the future monarch, "indulge her every whim." According to the source, Camilla is actively involved in key meetings and ensures she is well-informed about all aspects of the royal household.

While Kate, 41, is known for her non-confrontational demeanor, she is said to be annoyed by her stepmother-in-law's behavior. However, she supports King Charles' decree and reportedly refuses to be intimidated by Camilla.

It is essential to approach such speculation with caution, as there have been several indications of a positive relationship between Kate and Queen Consort Camilla. Last year, when Camilla turned 75, she chose Kate as the photographer for her Country Life magazine photoshoot.

Camilla praised Kate's photography skills, saying she "did very good pictures and she does it sort of naturally." She also described their photoshoot experience as fun and relaxed, according to People.

Body language expert Judi James shared insights on the pair's interactions during the Remembrance Sunday service in November. She told the Mirror:

"Kate turned her head quickly in a gesture of polite concern. Kate's calm and very still body language was in contrast to Camilla's nervous movements that showed the most in the fluttering of her hymn sheet as her two hands fiddled with it throughout."

Lip reader Jeremy Freeman revealed that Kate asked Camilla, "shall we go in now?" before they left the balcony together during the event.

As the coronation approaches, the true nature of the relationship between Queen Consort Camilla and Kate Middleton remains a subject of speculation and intrigue.