Meghan Markle was previously accused of faking her pregnancy with Archie.

According to Gossip Cop, several royal fans became convinced that Prince Harry’s wife wasn’t really expecting due to her bump size and flexibility.

In January 2019, Markle made two public appearances as part of her role as a senior working royal. During her first appearance, the Duchess of Sussex’s baby bump appeared to be much smaller.

But just four days later, Markle made another public appearance and it became evident that her baby bump has become much bigger.

Other eagle-eyed royal fans also claimed that Markle couldn’t have been pregnant because she was too flexible.

During another royal engagement, the Duchess of Sussex bent down to greet an adorable dog. Markle managed to bend down with ease, and she didn’t seem bothered by her pregnancy bump.

After greeting the dog, Markle also managed to get back up without asking for anyone’s help. As such, her critics claimed that she was just wearing a fake baby bump. And they also went as far as accusing Markle of hiring a surrogate to give birth to Archie.

But Gossip Cop stressed the fact that none of the claims made by the royal fans have been proven to be correct. Markle didn’t fake her pregnancy. And she didn’t also hire a surrogate to give birth to Archie.

The publication also claimed that there are some studies that prove that the abdominal muscles tend to relax in the evenings. And this may be the reason why baby bumps appear to be more prominent.

According to the publication, Markle’s wardrobe also contributed to the speculations that she faked her baby bump. On January 10, she donned a black dress that made her look much slender. And on January 14, she wore a purple-colored dress that accentuated her baby bump.

At the end of the day, Gossip Cop said that the best photos to check to confirm Markle’s pregnancy were the ones taken after she gave birth.

Days after Archie was born, Prince Harry and Markle stepped out to introduce their son to the public. The Duke of Sussex is the one carrying Archie in his arms. And Markle is walking beside them.

The Suits actress’s stomach is still quite big despite having already birthed Archie. This suggests that she was really the one pregnant with her firstborn.