After the release of Prince Harry's memoir "Spare" earlier this year, people have been wondering what's next for the Duke of Sussex's publishing deal with Penguin Random House. The four-book deal, reportedly worth $35-$40 million, has left many curious about what the former royal has planned for his future works.

" Sparing" More of His Life for the Public

Prince Harry's first book, "Spare," provided a glimpse into his childhood, his military service in Afghanistan, his family life, and his strained relationship with the royal family. But with more books on the horizon, what other facets of his life will he reveal to readers?

According to Entertainment Tonight, Prince Harry's next books will focus on "other facets" of his life in public service. One potential topic is the Invictus Games, a multi-sport event that he launched in 2014 to support "wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women." The event aims to inspire through athleticism, and a book about its creation and mission could be on the horizon.

A Spare Sequel or Something More?

While Prince Harry has denied any plans for a sequel to "Spare," rumors have circulated that he may release bonus material in the paperback edition. An insider told Page Six that Prince Harry is planning to add at least one new chapter to the paperback version, addressing the royal backlash he and Meghan Markle have faced. However, a representative for the prince has denied these claims, and the release of the paperback edition has yet to be announced.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Prince Harry revealed that the first draft of "Spare" was a whopping 800 pages, which he had to cut down to 400 pages. He stated that there were many things he left out, particularly regarding his relationship with his brother and father, fearing that they would never forgive him if he revealed certain information.

New Material or Not?

While the potential addition of a new chapter to the paperback edition of "Spare" may be in question, Prince Harry may not need to create new material. His first draft of the memoir reportedly contained enough material to fill two books, so he may have already said all he wanted to say.

What's clear is that Prince Harry's book deal has left many wondering what he will reveal next. With his unique perspective on life in the public eye and his dedication to public service, there's no telling what insights he will share with readers in his future works.