Blake Shelton is opening up about how he hates being away from Gwen Stefani, his stepchildren, and their home as he continues on his tour.

Over the weekend, the 46-year-old country star discussed his thoughts about the matter with Entertainment Tonight, backstage at the Birmingham, Alabama, stop of his “Back to the Honky Tonk” tour.

In the exchange, Shelton shared that being away from home is “terrible,” adding that he hates “not being there,” considering the “bad storms back in California” right now.

He noted, though, that it is “not that anything bad is happening… but I know they’re kind of freaked out and it’d be nice to be home.”

The “God’s Country” singer continued that he does not “do a lot of these,” before saying, “I think we’re doing 18 of these shows this year.” He then stated that he tries “to limit it as much as I can, because the whole reason I’m even stepping away from ‘The Voice’ is so I can just be there more, and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

Despite missing Gwen Stefani amid the tour, the outlet revealed that Blake Shelton has a lot of reminders from home while on the road. This is said to include a custom-made, rhinestone denim jacket that reads “Mr. Stefani,” which he received as a gift at one of the tour stops.

The country crooner later told ET that he gets “a lot of gifts out on the road.” He explained that they would receive jerseys from a team when they play a venue, especially a basketball or a hockey arena.

Shelton subsequently talked about the “Mr. Stefani” jean jacket that he received, telling the outlet that he sent a picture of it to his wife. He stated that the “Cool” singer told him, “‘Whatever you do, don’t leave that there. You got to bring it home, I want that!’”

The “Nobody But You” singer tied the knot with Gwen Stefani in July 2021. They had their wedding at Tishomingo ranch nearly a year after getting engaged, according to People.

Earlier in the exchange with ET, published Monday, Blake Shelton talked about the “Back to the Honky Tonk” tour, which began earlier in February and will conclude on March 15.

The singer deemed it “fun,” noting that “it really is like what I started out doing,” before recalling, “...we played the bars and in some of them old honky-tonks and stuff that I played back in the day, the bar would be kinda there on the side and people would come turn around and [listen].”

He added, “So, it’s fun to kinda relive that a little bit.”