Royal experts reportedly believe that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be in attendance at King Charles III’s coronation.

Express UK reported that “Pod Save The King” podcast hosts Russell Myers and Zoe Forsey discussed the matter during a recent episode of their material.

As noted, Myers claimed that there has been “lots of talk” about the members of the British Royal Family expecting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “to come” and attend the historical event.

While he asserted that the former working royals “will obviously be invited” as the British Monarch “wouldn’t be so churlish” to do otherwise, he stated that he learned from “people who are very close to the Sussexes that they are still undecided” about attending the coronation, as per the outlet.

Russell Myers is said to have recalled in the podcast episode, as well, that Prince Harry “wants apologies” and “reconciliation or at least willingness to reconcile,” before saying, “And while that isn’t forthcoming, nothing has changed.”

The expert reportedly continued, however, that as far as he is aware, “they still haven’t had a summit [or] those serious conversations about everything,” adding that he does not “think they will be too forthcoming before the coronation.”

Even so, Myers pointed out that he “definitely” thinks Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “will come” as he “can’t imagine for a second that they would pass up the opportunity to be at such an event,” as per the publication.

Co-host Zoe Forsey is said to have agreed to his fellow royal expert’s assertion, stating that “regardless” of the tensions and disputes, the King’s coronation is “such a historic event.” 

Accordingly, she reportedly believes that if the former working royals decide not to attend, “they will always have that regret that they weren’t a part of it."

The talks about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s attendance at King Charles III’s coronation, which will occur this May, come as they have yet to address the matter.

It remains unclear whether the couple will fly back to the United Kingdom to be with the rest of the British Royal Family and witness the coronation of the British Monarch, alongside Queen Consort Camilla.

Despite the lack of confirmations, though, a source told The Mirror that the Duke of Sussex “has been very clear and his position hasn’t wavered,” adding that “he isn’t going to come if he feels the atmosphere will be as toxic as it was” during Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee and funeral.