A body language expert is sharing an insight into the affection that Prince William and Kate Middleton share with one another.

Cheat Sheet reported that the expert, Dr. Louise Mahler, discussed the matter with “Sunrise” after finding differences between the royal couple and the Sussexes in the way they display affection in public settings.

The body language pro is said to have noted in the exchange that the Prince and Princess of Wales are a “magnificent couple,” explaining that their poses from a previous engagement show “they’re loving, strong, and loving.”

Dr. Mahler continued that he would “take that a step further” and assert that the future King and Queen Consort “take their roles very seriously,” before saying, “They’re showing us how to behave, and touch is back post-pandemic, as per the outlet.

In the end, the expert is said to have stated that “very much nothing is an accident” with Kate Middleton and Prince William, adding that “it’s all calculated and beautiful.”

In its report, covering the same exchange between the body language expert and “Sunrise,” Express UK said the former also highlighted some of the gestures the Prince and Princess of Wales give one another at public engagements.

As noted, these include the small “touches on the back,” the kisses on the cheek at the polo, and air “kisses to the parents at the tennis.”

Meanwhile, Dr, Mahler is said to have claimed in the same engagement that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a different set of body language in terms of showing affection in comparison to Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Cheat Sheet noted that the body language expert utilized photos of the former working royals from their attendance at the One Young World Summit Awards in September in making her observations.

The expert is said to have stated that the Duchess of Sussex uses an “acting technique” with the Duke of Sussex in public engagements.

Although, Dr. Mahler pointed out that the way the former working royals touched hands in one of the images showed “a certain intimacy,” noting that “this is not the hand on the back but finger stroking,” as per the publication.

Over the weekend, Prince William and Kate Middleton made headlines due to a rare display of affection in public.

It came after the royal couple made their first red carpet appearance since becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales at this year’s BAFTAs. 

ELLE said Vogue caught the rare moment on camera and posted the clip on their official social media accounts.

As stated, the video shows how the future Queen Consort gave the future King a “love tap” on his behind as they walked on the red carpet.