Michael Douglas was reportedly full of praise for Catherine Zeta-Jones after playing the role of Morticia Addams in Netflix’s “Wednesday.”

Express UK said the 78-year-old actor gave his wife compliments during an engagement the 53-year-old actress had with ITV’s “Lorraine.” As noted, she recently made an appearance on the title with her husband and discussed some of her thoughts about the hit series on Netflix, alongside its success.

Zeta-Jones is said to have recalled the moment she told Tim Burton, “Whatever you want me to do, Tim,” when he asked her to play the character.

It is also stated that she deemed the idea of playing the role as “wonderful,” adding that she described Morticia as an “iconic, wonderful, juicy character.”

The “No Reservations” actress continued in the same exchange with Ross King of “Lorraine” that the Netflix series “turned out so much better than, I think, anyone anticipated,” as per the outlet.

She is said to have added that Jenna Ortega, who played the titular role of Wednesday, “is just marvelous as Wednesday, and through the eyes of Tim Burton, it’s a lot of fun.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones reportedly later told the entertainment reporter, “I’m really happy to be a part of it, I must say.”

It is subsequently noted that Michael Douglas chipped in during the engagement, telling the television personality that his wife “killed it as Morticia" and reiterating that she “killed it” playing the character.

The eight-episode pilot season of “Wednesday” dropped on Netflix later in November. It follows the life of the titular character as a student at Nevermore Academy, attempting to master her abilities and solving supernatural mysteries that have links to her family.

Catherine Zeta-Jones joined the cast of the hit series, playing the role of Morticia Addams, the mother of Wednesday Addams. She appeared on the material opposite Luis Guzman, who played the character of Gomez Addams.

Wednesday” has since been greenlit by the streaming giant for a new season. As per Variety, it is a surprise to no one considering the success of the series.

Following the news of renewal, Catherine Zeta-Jones headed to social media to further share the announcement.

On Instagram, the “Entrapment” star posted a video, which seemingly confirms and announces the Season 2 renewal of the show. It features a compilation of clips from the first season of “Wednesday,” with Jenna Ortega in voiceover, saying, “Over the past few weeks I’ve been hunted, haunted, and mimicked millions of times across the internet. It’s been pure torture. Thank you.”

Zeta-Jones wrote in the caption, “So there you have it!!!! The best news! I mean the bestest best news. WEDNESDAY!!!!!! P.S. Wednesday nearly smiled…it’s that good.”