A body language expert is sharing some thoughts about how Prince Harry looks these days following his recent interviews. As reportedly suggested, he appears “happy” and “relaxed” in his life in the United States.

Express UK reported that the observations were from Dareen Stanton, who was speaking on behalf of “Betfair Casino.” He is said to have noted that the royal-born Prince’s nonverbal communication in his recent interview with Stephen Colbert for “The Late Show” shows he is “loving life in California” with his wife, Meghan Markle.

The expert also reportedly described the engagement, which aired on January 10, as “a great interview,” adding that the Duke of Sussex was speaking “to the point.” He also asserted that it was something he had not “seen in previous interviews” of the royal, as per the publication.

Stanton is said to have suggested, as well, that Prince Harry “has been known to mask his emotions over the years.” But, he argued that the royal is seemingly “in a position to openly speak about his views,” considering that his highly anticipated memoir is now published.

The body language expert reportedly continued that he saw “genuine flashes of happiness and joy” in the Duke of Sussex while “speaking about moving to America.”

He added that the former working royal was proving he is “happy” and “relaxed to speak about all areas of his life," as per the outlet.

Last Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” saw Prince Harry appear as a guest to promote his memoir, “Spare.”

Aside from the playful skit alongside Tom Hanks at the opening of the material, People said at the time that the sit-down interview also had a more serious tone. As noted, he discussed the “cathartic” process of writing his book and several other things involving the British Royal Family.

The magazine shared in a separate report, published on January 11, that the former working royal also tackled how things might be different if Princess Diana was alive today.

It reportedly came after the talk show host asked him about the matter, to which he responded, saying in part, “We wouldn’t have got to this moment,” referencing the rift between him and Prince William.

Meanwhile, Express UK noted elsewhere in its report, published Tuesday, that Darren Stanton also had observations on Prince Harry as he spoke about his late mother in last week’s interview.

The body language expert is said to have described the exchange as a “sensitive topic,” reportedly adding that the former working royal did “flash some expressions of sadness.”