Kim Kardashian is allegedly only now coming clean about her past mistakes and the challenges she faced while married to Kanye West.

Life & Style, in its Jan. 16 issue, claimed that Kardashian wants to be more open about her struggles this year because she knows it could help other people.

“This year has been so difficult for Kim. She’s been trying to reflect more. Kim is telling friends that she realizes she’s made a lot of bad choices along the way. She’s learning to live a more authentic life. For years, Kim worried about what people would think of her so she’s trying to change that little by little,” the source said.

The source added that Kardashian’s divorce from West last year gave her a different perspective on love, life, and relationships.

“Her marriage to Kanye had such a tragic end and really leveled Kim. She felt like she’d hit rock bottom. She’s spent a lot of time being angry at Kanye for causing her so much pain,” the source said.

But despite everything that West put her through, Kardashian still tried her best to keep the dirt she had on her ex-husband a secret.

“Kim had been trying so hard to shield the public from Kanye’s true nature and pretend she had a perfect life. She would like for him to be friends and family, in order to cover up his meltdowns and antics. It wasn’t sustainable or healthy, and she regrets letting it go on for so long,” the source said.

For now, it is also Kardashian’s priority to shield her children from the criticisms surrounding their father. Even though West wasn’t a good husband to her, Kardashian acknowledges the fact that he has been a wonderful dad to their children.

But even if this is the case, the tabloid’s claims are not necessarily 100 percent accurate either. It’s not true that Kardashian is struggling right now or that she’s going through a difficult time in her life at the moment.

If anything, Kardashian’s life seems to have improved drastically since her divorce from West. And she’s also taking all the time that she needs before she falls in love again.

Kardashian has also moved on from her ex-boyfriend, Pete Davidson, and they are still friends today.