Prince William allegedly confessed to Kate Middleton that he wants to have Prince Harry back in his life.

In Touch Weekly claimed that Middleton wasn’t surprised when she heard what Prince William said because she always knew how much love the brothers have for each other.

However, she couldn’t also help but think that Prince Harry made a massive mistake by attacking them in his interviews and memoir.

“Kate shared recently that William confessed that he years to have his brother back in his life, but he feels Harry crossed a line with all his tell-alls. Things will never be the same again,” the source said.

For now, the source said that Prince William and Middleton want to focus on their marriage because this is something that they can work on and deal with.

“They have a vault full of secrets for keeping their marriage rock solid. For example, they went to the Duchess of Cambridge pub in Windsor in disguise for a laugh, just to see if they could get away with it. And they did. They’ve also been known to sneak into a local movie theater to catch the latest film when the children are in bed,” the source said.

The source added that one of Prince William and Middleton’s secrets to a happy marriage is that they enjoy a good laugh.

“That’s the thing – they love to play silly pranks on each other to keep things fun and give each other gag gifts at different times of the year, not just at Christmas,” the source said.

According to the source, Prince William and Middleton might have very schedules but they see to it that they make time for each other no matter how.

While it is true that Prince William and Middleton are united in making sure their marriage would last for the rest of their lives, no one knows for sure what work they have been putting in to make things work.

This means that the details that the tabloid mentioned were all just made up because Prince William and Middleton do not normally talk about these things.

In fact, Prince William has not also expressed any desire to talk or reconcile with Prince Harry after everything that he has done.