King Charles allegedly wants nothing more than for his sons Prince William and Prince Harry to reconcile.

An unnamed source told Star that King Charles has been begging his children for peace following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare.

“It saddens him immensely that Harry has so much anger and resentment toward the family – it’s a matter of huge embarrassment too. But Charles has told William and others that Harry will always be family,” the source said.

The source said that King Charles is also trying to appeal to Prince William’s good graces by reminding him of how close he once was to Prince Harry.

“He’s tried to get through to William by reminding him how close he and Harry were during their childhood. This is the last thing Diana or the queen would have wanted,” the source said.

However, Prince William allegedly refused to make amends with Prince Harry because he has so much anger toward him. After all, the Duke of Sussex criticized his brother and even Kate Middleton in his book, interviews, and even in his Netflix documentary.

“He’s very angry at Harry and Meghan too. What Harry’s done is unforgivable in William’s eyes. He’s taking it as a personal attack. Charles believes that Harry will come around. It may be years, but he won’t give up hope,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Globe also published a story about King Charles and his sons. According to the tabloid, the monarch is thinking of offering Prince Harry and Markle $50 million to keep their mouth shut.

A source claimed that King Charles has reached the end of his rope and he wants nothing more than for Prince Harry and Markle to stop dropping bombshells about the royal family.

“Charles believes in $50 million buyout will appeal to Meghan because she’s greedy, and it will set her up for life. His Majesty is willing to forgive Harry for the horrifying damage he’s inflicted on the royal family in the last three years and is determined to stop his son from throwing his life away,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. King Charles doesn’t have any plans to offer Prince Harry and Markle $50 million.

And it’s not also true that he begged his sons to reconcile.