Queen Consort Camilla has ended the tradition of having “ladies-in-waiting” in a modernizing move. Instead, she has appointed assistants, who will be known as the “Queen’s Companions.”

Aside from the modernizing title, the role of the “companions” will also reportedly put a “modern twist” on the royal life, with royal commentator Jennie Bond explaining the matter during an appearance on “GB News,” according to Express UK.

The publication said the royal expert was asked about the move and its significance during the engagement. This is said to have led her to claim that the role is “largely cosmetic but this is a small way, a modern twist on a job which won’t be fundamentally very different to the ladies-in-waiting in the past.”

Bond continued in the exchange “ladies-in-waiting” is “such an archaic term.” She also noted that the newly appointed Queen’s Companions “are six of Camilla’s close companions, friends who are loyal and discreet,” adding that they are the individuals with whom the royal “enjoys spending time,” as per the outlet.

The royal commentator reportedly explained further that “it can be quite lonely” on royal duties and responsibilities, especially when “doing solo engagements” as one needs to travel alone and do everything all by themselves.

Accordingly, with the appointed companions, Queen Consort Camilla will “have a bit of a laugh, a bit of a giggle with her friends, and they’ll be there by her side and she’ll feel comfortable with them,” according to Bond, as per the publication.

The talks about the matter came after Buckingham Palace released an announcement on Sunday, with The Washington Post making a report on it published on the same day.

Citing the announcement, it said that Queen Consort Camilla has dispensed with the tradition, although the role of the appointees will be similar to what the traditional ladies-in-waiting have done. It pointed out that the Queen’s Companions will still be members of the Queen’s dutiful and trustworthy inner circle.

The publication continued, however, that the position would be a less all-encompassing post as it would involve less regular attendance. It subsequently highlighted the statement from the palace, noting that the companions will “on occasion accompany” the Queen Consort.

Meanwhile, BBC said the modernizing move will be put into practice next week. It comes as Queen Consort Camilla is set to host an event for campaigners against domestic violence and violence against women at Buckingham Palace.

The publication noted that the Queen Consort will be with her Queen’s Companions for the first time at the reception.

In the same report, published Sunday, BBC named the appointed companions, adding that they include some of the royal’s long-standing personal friends. These are reportedly the Marchioness of Lansdowne, Jane von Westenholz, Lady Katharine Brooke, Baroness Carlyn Chisholm, Lady Sarah Keswick, and Sarah Troughton.