Victoria Beckham couldn’t allegedly help but worry about her reputation and connection with high-profile individuals.

According to Heat UK, Beckham is worried that David Beckham’s recent World Cup controversy will affect their businesses and friendships with other A-listers.

“David is usually unflappable in the face of controversy. But this Qatar furor is different and is jeopardizing important friendships. There could be huge bust-ups. Victoria is feeling very exposed right now, and is worried about David becoming public enemy number one,” the source said.

The source added that one of Victoria’s fears has to do with the possibility of losing the support of their gay fans. She knows that they are a lot and not having their support could destroy her business and reputation.

On top of this, Victoria also hates it when people think that David accepted the job to host the World Cup because he’s just after the money.

“The headlines saying David is just out for money are really upsetting for Vic. She knows David isn’t doing it for financial reasons, but for football. He sees the sport as being a progressive force. Vic wants him to speak out about his role and explain his reasons. Staying silent isn’t helping and it makes them look guilty,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. The report about David accepting a hosting gig at the World Cup isn’t necessarily a new report. So, it’s unclear why the tabloid is still making a big fuss about it.

It’s not also true that Victoria is only concerned about her and David’s reputation and money. All these claims are baseless and are just putting the former Spice Girls member in a bad light.

In recent weeks, Victoria has also been making headlines due to her alleged feud with Nicola Peltz. Multiple tabloids have been insisting that the in-laws are not on good terms.

Most recently, there were reports claiming that Victoria doesn’t want to support Peltz’s desire to become a Bond girl because she wants her and Brooklyn Beckham to already have a baby.

But the couple has only been married for a couple of months and there’s no indication that they are in a rush to have a baby. In fact, Peltz has made it clear that she and Brooklyn will take their time.