Victoria Beckham is allegedly worried about her eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham because of his wife’s plans to star as the next Bond girl.

In its Nov. 28 issue, New Idea claimed that Beckham doesn’t support Peltz’s desire to become a movie star. And the former Spice Girls member is worried that her son is just trying his best to support his wife even though he’s not happy.

“This has set off alarm bells for Victoria. She gets ambition more than anyone so understands Nicola not wanting to put her career on hold, but while engaged, all they talked about was having kids, and Brooklyn was so excited,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Peltz starring in a Bond movie means that she cannot get pregnant for at least another year or two. But Brooklyn is desperate to welcome his first child soon.

“Victoria’s seen this time and time again. She knows firsthand how loyal Brooklyn is to Nicola and she’s worried her boy’s dreams are getting lost behind someone else’s ambitions,” the source said.

This is not the first time that Victoria and Peltz were rumored to be having a misunderstanding. In recent weeks, multiple tabloids have been insisting that the in-laws are not on good terms.

Last week, Heat UK claimed that Victoria and her husband, David are convinced that Peltz just wants to stir the pot that’s why she has been talking about the fashion designer during her interviews.

“For Vic and David, there’s no other take on it than Nicola just trying to stir things up again and having no intention of moving on. Victoria and David are furious on so many levels. First, it’s the fact she just won’t let it rest, but they also can’t help but wonder whether this is down to the fact Brooklyn had spoken to her about wanting to spend time with his family over Christmas and that set her off on her latest episode,” the source said.

However, this claim couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no indication that Peltz and Victoria are feuding in the first place. And it’s not also true that Victoria doesn’t support Peltz’s desire to star in a Bond movie.

As of late, Peltz has not been cast for the important role and it’s unlikely that she will be tapped for the part.