Prince William allegedly wants to have peace talks with Prince Harry in the spirit of Christmas.

In its Nov. 29 issue, Closer UK claimed that Prince Harry has been contemplating his relationship with Prince Harry and everything that transpired between them in recent years. And he allegedly realized that there’s no better time to bury the hatchet than right now.

“William still hopes that eventually they’ll be able to resolve things and of course, he has Kate constantly telling him how lovely it would be if they could sit down and somehow try to patch up their differences this side of Christmas,” the source said.

The source also said that despite everything that’s happened, Prince William and Prince Harry still have so much love and respect for one another.

“The bottom line is that he loves Harry – the pair had a pact to always remain close but, as much as it pains him to admit it, there are serious trust issues standing in the way. In order for them to rebuild their relationship, William requires a cast iron guarantee that any future conversations and interactions will remain private – something that angers Meghan,” the source said.

The source said that Markle is uncomfortable with the idea that Prince Harry would do something behind her back just to make Prince William happy.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed that there’s still so much tension ahead of the release of Prince Harry’s memoir in January. So, Prince William couldn’t help but question if he can really trust Prince Harry or not.

“There’s a deep distrust from William that there are yet more bombshells about to drop at any given time. But William wants to clear the air with Harry and he’s willing to meet him face-to-face or via Zoom…” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Prince William has plans to reach out to Prince Harry for the holidays. If he does, this shouldn’t be made into a big deal because no one knows for sure if the brothers already patched things up.

It is also important to note that Prince William will be traveling to the United States for his royal tour with Kate Middleton. So, it’s unlikely for him to have that much time on his hands to have peace talks with Prince Harry.