Prince Harry’s memoir title Spare reportedly has different meanings and interpretations that he might not have been aware of.

According to Globe, some of the spare’s dictionary definitions include “not being used especially held for emergency use,” “over and above what’s needed,” “superfluous,” and more.

A source told the tabloid that even though Prince Harry might have not understood the meaning behind the title, royal fans expected that he would pick something controversial. After all, he and his wife Meghan Markle have been doing some questionable things since they quit their royal duties.

“Both, of course, fit Harry, who, as the second royal son, is a reserve in case something happens to his older brother, William, the heir to the throne and future king. Certainly, Harry grew up knowing he was a spare tire. But did he have to end up being like that other reserve king, his uncle Prince Andrew?” the publication said.

The publication added that even though Prince Harry is not as sleazy as his uncle, he still managed to become a disgrace.

With this, the tabloid went on to list down the other meanings of spare like not abundant, plentiful, sparse, skimpy, and meager.

“These basically describe what Harry turned out to be – a lightweight who is so scant he ended up marrying B-list actress Meghan and letting her convince him to dump his royal ties and become a public whiner and crybaby,” the publication said.

Following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir title, a lot of people slammed him for his choice. But this is not a surprise because a lot of people also criticized his decision to release a memoir for the first time.

The Duke of Sussex was also slammed after he announced the release date of his memoir because royal fans think that it’s too close to the queen’s death.

It’s not uncommon for Prince Harry and even his wife to be criticized by those that do not like them or support their actions. In fact, this is one of the reasons why they decided to quit their royal duties in the first place.