King Charles is allegedly struggling to recover from all the ongoing rumors surrounding his sexuality.

Globe, in its Nov. 28 issue, claimed that King Charles admitted to Princess Diana that he cheated on her with other men.

“Charles has been haunted for years by a talk he’s gay or bisexual, but this explosive portfolio has rocked the monarchy to its foundation. Anti-royalists apparently leaked it to members of the British parliament to bolster their campaign to abolish the monarchy,” the source said.

The source also said that the ongoing rumors surrounding King Charles’ sexuality will most likely affect his reign as Britain’s current monarch.

There are also allegations claiming that Edward was forced to abdicate from the throne because of rumors that he could be gay. And King Charles may suffer the same fate.

“It’s said Wallis Simpson, who ultimately became the Duchess of Windsor, often joined him in bed with his male lovers. He was forced out – plain and simple – for being gay or at least bisexual. Now Charles is in a similar situation – and his wife, Camilla, is covering for him too,” the source said.

The source continued with its allegations by saying that Princess Diana told Prince William and Prince Harry that King Charles was gay after the monarch made the shocking confessions years ago. But everyone in the royal family agreed to keep this information a secret from the public.

And as for Queen Consort Camilla, she is allegedly aware that King Charles likes men and she has accepted this about him.

“From the time they were teenagers, she knew Charles had boys on the side, but turned a blind eye because as long as his gay life was kept under wraps, she could use it to her advantage to accomplish her lifetime dream of becoming queen,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that Queen Consort Camilla is blackmailing King Charles so that she could be crowned as queen one day.

And it’s not also true that King Charles is gay or bisexual. Even though the rumors exist, they have already been debunked multiple times. There’s no indication that King Charles ever had an affair with men or that he was caught with one throughout his lifetime.