Jennifer Aniston is allegedly gearing up for a possible fight over her late dad John Aniston’s $14 million fortune. After all, the Friends star has a half-brother named AJ.

A source told New Idea that Aniston and AJ are not necessarily close so it could be harder for them to divide their dad’s fortune.

“There is no love lost between AJ and Jen. He hates fame, fortune, and Hollywood culture, which is everything his sister represents. He would stop in on his mom and dad from time to time, but he doesn’t care for his big sister at all,” the source said.

During a previous interview, AJ made some harsh comments about his sister being a famous celebrity. He said that being associated with Aniston has been a pain for years.

But the tabloid insisted that AJ never abused his dad, his connections, and even the income that he earned throughout his career. However, the same cannot be said about his ex-wife Adrienne and their children.

“John was very good to Adrienne even after the split. AJ and Adrienne would meet up with the kids so they could spend time with their grandfather. You’d expect John to leave a decent inheritance to Kira and Ryat, and even Adrienne to help raise them, but Jen will probably have a few things to say about her dad’s money being given to a woman and a couple of kids she barely knows,” the source said.

However, it is important to note that the tabloid is just speculating on the possibility of Aniston and AJ feuding over their dad’s $14 million fortune. But it is entirely possible that the half-siblings would also be able to reach an agreement over their late dad’s money.

Even though Aniston and AJ are not necessarily close, they are both working and have been making their own money for years. At the end of the day, John’s will will also determine who will receive his fortune and this decision wouldn’t depend on The Morning Show star or his brother.

Meanwhile, following John’s death, Aniston paid tribute to her dad on social media. Fans know that Aniston just rekindled his relationship with John during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the longest time, the father and son were estranged from each other.