Melissa McCarthy surprised her fans when she lost a considerable amount of weight a few years ago. But she allegedly decided to gain it all back.

National Enquirer, in its Nov. 14 issue, claimed that McCarthydecided to gain all the weight because she realized that her fans loved her more when she was fatter.

“Melissa was riding high when she was at her biggest. But her last few projects haven’t set the world on fire. And somehow, she got it in her head that people don’t think she’s as funny when she’s skinny,” the source said.

The source claimed that the decision to gain back all the weight she lost came easily to McCarthy. And she is convinced that she did it for the sake of her fans.

However, yo-yo dieting could have a negative effect on the actress’s health.

“She’s at risk for multiple life-threatening illnesses and cancers. She’s shortening her life by carrying all that weight. She knows it’s not healthy. But she’s resigned to the fact that audiences love her a little more when there’s a little more of her to love. Plus, she’s convinced herself she lost the weight before and she can always lose it again,” the source said.

But the tabloid’s resident doctor explained that every time a person loses weight, they also lose muscle and fat. But when you gain the weight back, you only gain the fat and not the muscle so it will become harder to lose weight again.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It’s not true that McCarthy decided to gain weight because she thinks her fans love her more this way.

Since they are her fans, they most likely want what’s best for her and that is to be healthy. And if they want to see McCarthy portray roles as a fat woman, there are various ways to make this happen. First, she can wear a fat suit and other similar outfits.

McCarthy is a wonderful actress so she is also good at portraying roles that do not require her to gain weight. And it’s unlikely for her to have packed on the pounds again just because she wants to make her fans happy. This claim was obviously made up by the tabloid.