Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are allegedly trying to have a baby again.

Us Weekly, in its Nov. 14 issue, claimed that Stefani and Shelton previously agreed not to have a baby anymore because they had a hard time finding a surrogate.

But after Shelton announced his decision to quit The Voice, he and Stefani realized that they have more time on their hands to focus on having a baby.

“Gwen never gave up on her hopes of giving Blake a baby. But they had taken a break from IVF because of how emotionally hard it was,” the source said.

The source said that Stefani and Shelton both know that the process of finding a surrogate and waiting for the arrival of their baby is a long one. But they are both committed to making it work this time around.

“Blake wanted Gwen to stop at times because of the physical pain she experienced, but she’s maintained that she will not give up. The process has brought them closer together and having another kid would complete their lives,” the source said.

This isn’t the first time that Stefani and Shelton were rumored to be trying for a baby. In July, the same tabloid claimed that the couple agreed that they will not try to have a baby anymore after years of trying for IVF.

“They’ve given up on their dream of having a baby. Stefani’s three sons are more than enough for them. Blake’s family hoped he’d have his own children, and Stefani felt that pressure over the years,” the source said.

But just months later, the tabloid contradicted their claims by saying that Stefani and Shelton have never given up hope when it comes to having a baby.

The tabloid’s contradicting statements prove that they are just making up stories about Stefani and Shelton. If the couple really wanted to have a baby, they will do it on their own terms. And they wouldn’t even share the news with the world until their surrogate is pregnant.

But the fact that Stefani and Shelton have never once expressed any desire to have a baby together proves that this isn’t their priority. After all, Stefani already has three sons with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

And Shelton has also been treating the boys as if they were his own since he started dating Stefani.