Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton allegedly agreed mutually that the latter should already quit The Voice.

In its Oct. 31 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Shelton and Stefani both agreed that they should focus more on their marriage. And Shelton's appearance on The Voice means that the couple does not have much time with each other.

“They decided they needed Blake to step away from the show, so they could focus on each other. Gwen wants him to spend more time with her, so they can ensure a happy future together,” the source said.

Us Weekly also published a similar story about Shelton leaving The Voice. But the tabloid claimed that Shelton decided to leave the singing reality TV show because the next season will no longer feature Stefani.

“The show’s moving in a new direction without Gwen, so it felt right for Blake to bow out as well. Blake doesn’t want to hang around if it doesn’t feel right,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Stefani and Shelton are already making plans for the future. And the couple is looking at the possibility of forming their own record label. This way, they wouldn’t be apart for long periods of time.

However, this is in stark contrast to what other tabloids previously claimed. They alleged that Stefani has grown sick and tired of always being around her husband. And the fact that Shelton has a tendency to be clingy has not helped their marriage.

At the end of the day, it is important to note that Shelton and Stefani never made these revelations about their marriage and future plans. So, it’s obvious that the tabloid just made up these stories.

In his statement, Shelton explained that he decided to quit The Voice after being on the show for so many years because he wants to do other things. He also admitted that he wrestled with the idea for so long and making the decision did not come easy for him.

For now, Shelton is still on The Voice, but he will no longer return next season. So fans can expect to see a new lineup of celebrity coaches grace the hit NBC singing reality TV competition very soon.