Queen Consort Camilla recently traveled to India with 10 of her friends for a much-needed cleanse and reset.

According to Woman’s Day, the outing was a belated birthday gift for herself. However, King Charles did not join his wife on the trip because he was busy with his royal duties as the new monarch.

Queen Consort Camilla is in Soukya, which is a popular healing sanctuary. While there, the mom of two gets to experience traditional and time-tested systems of medicine.

Throughout the past couple of years, Camilla has reportedly visited the same treatment center a total of eight times. This proves that she swears by the treatments there and enjoys them to her core.

However, even known it’s common knowledge that Camilla is in India for a much-deserved rest, the tabloid still published a misleading headline about the queen consort.

They claimed that Camilla checked into a rehab facility, which is obviously not the case.

“Camilla jokes that she takes herself off to rehab for a good cleanse. She works hard and enjoys her social life, so this is her way of finding balance,” the source said.

However, there’s also no indication that Camilla ever joked about checking herself into a rehab facility. After all, this is a sensitive subject, especially for those who are battling forms of addiction.

In fact, making this remark could result in Camilla being criticized because two members of the royal family already accused the British clan of not allowing those in need to check into rehab facilities.

Years ago, Princess Diana suffered from bulimia and when she told the royal family about her symptoms, they thought that she was just being crazy.

Markle also asked the royal family for help when she became suicidal, but they also refused to offer a lending hand.

So, it’s unlikely for Camilla to make this sensitive comment both privately and publicly.

Meanwhile, Camilla also made headlines recently amid claims that she and Kate Middleton are not on good terms. Ever since she became queen consort, Camilla has allegedly been demanding respect from the royal family most especially Middleton.

After all, she wants Prince William’s wife to remember that she’s still above her at least for now.

However, these claims aren’t true either and were just made up to pit the two women against each other.