King Charles allegedly upset the royal family after he approved his wife Camilla’s request to be styled queen instead of queen consort.

An unnamed source told Globe that King Charles couldn’t say no to Camilla because he usually just bows down to her. So, when she asked him to change her royal title, he immediately said yes.

“The battle lines have been drawn with Camilla on one side, Harry and Wills on the other, and hapless Charles caught in between. Charles is in a no-win-win situation and the public appears to be siding with his sons. He’s already feeling the heat,” the source said.

The source also claimed that King Charles and Camilla are now dealing with the backlash. After all, there were initial plans to style Camilla as queen, but the palace wanted the public to ease into the changes in her royal title. But because of his insistence, the sudden changes to her title triggered an uproar.

“However, at Camilla’s insistence, Charles is making the change official so his wife will be known as Her Royal Highness Queen Camilla. The royal family and all the courtiers are outraged,” the source said.

The source also claimed that King Charles’ decision is affecting his sons to the core. Prince Harry, for instance, still hasn’t forgiven Camilla for what she did to Princess Diana. So, he’s obviously bitter.

“Harry hates Camilla with a passion for destroying his mother’s life and his upcoming memoir threatens to expose all the dirt on the wicked, wanton slattern. He has nothing to lose by trashing Camilla in his book since he’s effectively disowned by his family,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. If Camilla’s royal title was changed, it would’ve been reported by other sources. But the fact that only one tabloid made the claim proves that they just made it up.

King Charles doesn’t also have the power to change royal titles. He has not even had his coronation yet. And on May 6, royal fans would be able to confirm that the rumors are not true because Camilla will still be styled as queen consort then.

Since no changes have been made, King Charles and Camilla aren’t also facing any backlash from Prince William, Prince Harry, and the royal family.