Bill Gates and Melinda Gates continue to work together for their foundation. This is despite their shocking divorce last year after nearly three decades of marriage.

Earlier this week, the former couple reunited to attend this year’s Goalkeepers event of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It marked the ceremony’s first time to be held in person after its two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The event, which occurred in New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday, saw the billionaire philanthropists together alongside honorees. They also gave separate speeches during the ceremony.

People said Bill Gates and Melinda Gates addressed different areas of inequality in their speeches.

The Microsoft co-founder is said to have spoken about “food insecurity” during the event. As noted, he shared that the projection is that there will be “32 million more hungry people” by 2030, and “most of that is going to be women and children.”

Bill said, “When you have food shortages, they’re the ones that suffer the most.”

Meanwhile, Melinda spoke about the necessary pathways for women to achieve an “equal share of economic power.”

The outlet quoted the 58-year-old philanthropist, saying, “Why haven’t we spent more time making sure that women are actually gaining power in their families and in their neighborhoods?”

It continues, “Real power isn’t just having a job, it’s also affordable, quality caregiving that ensures women aren’t set up to fail in their jobs. And it does mean men taking their fair share of the responsibilities at home.”

The day prior to the start of the annual event, Melinda Gates spoke to Bloomberg for an interview. She stated that she and her former husband, Bill Gates, remain “completely committed” to “working effectively together” for their foundation despite the divorce.

The two personalities surprised the public when they announced their decision to split and divorce after 27 years of marriage in May 2021.

In a statement the former couple posted on social media, they shared that they “no longer believe [they] can grow together as a couple in the next phase of [their] lives.” They noted, however, that they “will continue [their] work together at the foundation” as they “continue to share a belief in that mission.”

Elsewhere in the announcement, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates asked the public for “space and privacy” for their family as they “begin to navigate this new life.”

In Melinda’s petition for divorce, the marriage was reportedly described as “irretrievably broken.” They finalized the process in August.