Bill Clinton received a question about Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) during an interview with James Corden. He shared some information about the subject, including some of his experiences during his time as the President of the United States.

The Sun released a report on the matter, discussing the exchange on “The Late Late Show.” As noted, the former leader admitted to sending agents to Area 51 to ensure “there were no aliens.”

The conversation about the topic began when the show’s bandleader, Reggie Watts, asked Clinton’s “viewpoint” on the matter, causing some people from the audience to laugh. But, the former U.S. President reportedly turned to them and shared, “that’s a legitimate question now.”

Bill Clinton explained that, during his time inside the White House from 1993 to 2001, he and National Security Adviser Sandy Berger were “interested” in it. He consequently revealed that they “made every attempt to find out about Roswell,” adding that he “sent people to Area 51 to make sure there were no aliens.”

The former U.S. President continued that the location, which the publication referred to as the “notorious base in Nevada,” is reportedly where several U.S. secret projects are developed. He added that it is “why they are so secretive.”

While discussing the matter, host James Corden interrupted Clinton and asked "who he sent to Area 51" at the time. He responded with a joke, saying, “Oh, if I told you that,” before sharing Berger was dispatched.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bill Clinton recalled the moment when he and Hillary Clinton visited the WM Keck Observatory in Hawaii. During the tour of the facility, he reportedly asked scientists about the “likelihood of life in outer space.” 

The former U.S. President consequently noted that there were “huge arguments” among experts about the matter. However, he revealed that the dispute was between the people who believe it is “85 percent” and “95 percent” likely.

Clinton later told James Corden, “these are people who spend their lives doing this.” He also stated that the experts pointed out it is “very unlikely that there is no life” in outer space, where there are not only "a billion planets" but a billion solar systems.

In the end, the former leader told the audience that “there is a lot of stuff we don’t know.”

Some snippets of the exchange between James Corden and Bill Clinton were published on YouTube. On the show’s official channel, the clip featuring the discussion about aliens has amassed over 132,000 views with hundreds of comments.

Several netizens expressed their thoughts about the topic in the comment section. Some individuals even praised the former U.S. President and the celebrity host for the “enjoyable” interview.