Anderson Cooper is allegedly at risk of being axed from CNN even though he just moved to the network months ago.

According to Globe, several top anchors are being removed from the network by corporate chairman and CEO Chris Licht.

The CNN boss has also been making Cooper’s life a living hell so he’s worried that he might be axed next. To prevent this from happening, Cooper is planning to quit the network first before they let him go.

“But it’s gone from bad to worse, from Anderson’s vantage point at least. He’s carefully plotting his exit strategy and getting the hell out of there. He’s carefully plotting his exit strategy and getting the hell out of there. He doesn’t need all this stress and workplace politics,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Cooper believes that he’s the golden boy of CNN so they cannot just let him go that fast. And he’s not necessarily wrong that’s why he’s getting an ego boost by tendering his resignation instead of waiting to be fired.

“In truth, everyone knows it would be the death knell if Cooper quits. But he’s already hinting at doing just that. Anderson walks around the newsroom talking about taking a break and traveling the world. He’s been working 14-hour days since he can remember,” the source said.

For now, Cooper is allegedly biding his time before he tenders his resignation. He also wants to see how his boss’s actions and their interactions would play out.

“Anderson is biding his time to come out of this CNN upheaval way ahead while thumbing his nose at all his rivals and that includes Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. They can’t stand each other,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. As of late, there’s no report regarding Cooper’s possible axing.

And since the anchor just joined CNN, it wouldn’t make sense for him to already be planning his exit.

While it is true that some anchors at CNN were axed, there was a reason why this might have been the case.

And as the tabloid said, the network knows that Anderson is an asset to the network so they wouldn’t just let go of him like that shortly after hiring him.