It’s been over a year since John Travolta was forced to say goodbye to his wife, Kelly Preston. According to reports, the actor is still mourning the death of Preston, but he also knows that he needs to focus on his children.

In its Dec. 20 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that the upcoming Christmas is the first time that Travolta would get to celebrate with his loved ones after two years.

Last year, there was a COVID-19 pandemic, and Travolta couldn’t also celebrate the holiday season because his wife just died. But after almost two years, he’s ready to go back to his old life.

Through it all, Travolta’s female friend and Grease co-star, Olivia Newton-John has reportedly remained a constant in his life.

“She FaceTimes him a couple of times a month. They all go the extra mile to support John and his kids, especially during the holiday time of the year,” a source said.

Travolta also has a group of friends who are non-showbiz and that he’s close to. And they have allegedly been helping him deal with all of life’s stresses and challenges.

“He’s established a really strong support network over the years with people he trusts completely. These are the people he can really lean on when he’s feeling lonely or depressed,” the source said.

Even though the holidays will never be the same because Preston is no longer around, the source claimed that Travolta is ready to start new Christmas traditions with his family.

The actor is also going to cook a lavish feast for his loved ones on Christmas Day. And he will surprise his children with gifts.

“It’s not easy being a single parent, but he loves those kids to death, and he’s doing a fantastic job. After all, John has been through, he’s in a surprisingly good place,” the source said.

In August, Travolta shared a heartbreaking story about his young son, Ben. During his interview with Kevin Hart, the actor said that Ben is worried that he would also die because he knows that Preston passed away due to breast cancer.

The actor told his son that no one knows when they’ll die. He also told Ben about the death of his older brother, Jett who died when he was just 16 years old. Travolta said that both Jett and Preston died when they were still relatively young so no one really knows when their time is up, according to CNN.