Prince Harry may have reunited with King Charles III at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, but there was no indication that the father and son had the chance to talk in private.

In its Sept. 26 issue, New Idea claimed that Prince Harry refused King Charles’ attempts to talk to him. And the dad of two also made it clear to his dad that the only thing they can talk about is the queen.

Still, King Charles accepted his son’s decision and did not force him to have a chat.

“He was pleased Harry had come. He knew it couldn’t have been easy for him.  But Harry wasn’t huge on conversation beyond anything concerning the queen. His anger towards his family is still very raw, but it was important to him to show up for his grandmother,” the source said.

A second source told The Telegraph that the reunion between the father and son also took a toll on King Charles III. After all, it was quite difficult to come face-to-face with someone who is bound to expose you in his tell-all.

As for Prince William and Prince Harry’s recent encounter, the first source claimed that it was anything but pleasant. The Duke of Sussex was invited to ride the same plane as his older brother, but he refused because he knew that it would be awkward.

“The meeting between Harry and the rest of the family must have been extremely difficult. At first, we were told by royal aides that Harry would fly up to Scotland with his brother and uncles but then he went separately,” royal commentator Phil Dampier said.

Meanwhile, Prince William also extended an olive branch at his uncle, Prince Andrew. Despite reports that the Prince of Wales doesn’t want to be associated with him, he still drove the Duke of York to see the queen following her death.

A source claimed that Kate Middleton’s husband must have done what he did because he literally still had space in his private vehicle. And since he knows that Prince Andrew was the queen’s favorite child, he wanted to exert an effort to make his grandmother happy.

“Andrew was closest to the queen and was relying on her to make some sort of comeback after the Jeffrey Epstein saga. Now, he has lost his mother, his greatest supporter,” the source said.