Prince Harry is allegedly struggling to forgive himself after missing out on the last few years of Queen Elizabeth’s life. Two years before his grandmother passed away, the Duke of Sussex decided to relocate to the United States and live away from her.

Now, Woman’s Day is claiming that Prince Harry is riddled with regret. And he can’t help but blame himself for not making more time for his grandmother while she was still around.

And reuniting with the royal family after the queen’s passing just brought back painful memories for Prince Harry from the time when everything was still going well for everyone.

“It was a painful reminder of all the things Harry’s family missed. Whether William meant for Harry to take it that way or not, that’s how it was received,” the source said.

But even though it seems Prince Harry is slowly repairing his relationship with the royal family, there’s still no questioning the fact that his wife, Meghan Markle is still being frozen out.

A source claimed that King Charles specifically told his son that Markle shouldn’t join him when he goes to Balmoral to be with the queen. At the time, Markle was in London because she and Prince Harry were scheduled to make some appearances.

It was only after 30 minutes that the discussion was finalized and it was confirmed that Markle wasn’t invited.

However, she made an appearance alongside her husband, Prince William, and Kate Middleton as they looked at the floral tributes and greeted mourners. The outing proved that there was no freezing out of anyone at all.

And while it is true that Prince Harry misses his grandmother to the core, there’s no proof that he is riddled with regret for not being able to see him as frequently as she would’ve liked.

Even though Prince Harry relocated to the United States, he was still in regular contact with his grandmother. In fact, they used to FaceTime each other all the time.

Since the queen has a busy schedule, Prince Harry wouldn’t have been able to hang out with her often even if he was still living in the United Kingdom.

It’s obvious that the tabloid made up this storyline to make Prince Harry look like the bad guy once again.