Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are committed to helping each other, especially during this time of grief.

In its Sept. 24 issue, Heat UK claimed that Markle and Middleton agreed to set their issues aside right now for the sake of Queen Elizabeth.

Even though their first run-in after over two years happened unexpectedly, they both tried their best to be cordial with each other.

“It’s still somewhat awkward due to their history of conflict, but the main thing is that they’re both pulling together. There’s a shared desire to be positive, as opposed to dwelling on negative things from the past. At some stage, they know they want to have proper talks about what has gone on between them – to ask each other some hard questions about what they’ve each supposedly said or done behind the other’s back,” the source said.

The source added that now is not the time for Markle and Middleton to iron out their issues and discuss them one by one. After all, what they need to do now is move on from the queen’s passing.

“Both Harry and Meghan are extremely grateful that they were invited to pay their respects by William that day. From their perspective, it’s most certainly a positive step in the right direction,” the source said.

Meanwhile, royal fans are urging Prince Harry and Markle to be wary of their next steps when they return to the United States. Since Prince William already extended an olive branch to them, they are being warned against talking negatively about the couple and the royal family.

“Harry’s memoir was always going to be a contentious subject, but with Camilla now queen consort, it’ll be even more badly received if he takes aim at her. And if Meghan proceeds with her own scathing memoir, then all senior royals are likely to keep their distance and hold back invites to future family gatherings,” the source said.

However, it’s not necessary to think too forwardly especially following the queen’s death. For now, the royal family’s focus is on how they can cope with the loss and how to move on from missing the family’s matriarch.

It’s unlikely for Prince Harry and Markle to once again be thinking about their next big step, as well as the former’s memoir.