Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have returned to the United Kingdom. But, experts believe that Kate Middleton and Prince William will not talk to or meet with them as they have “lost their chance of being trusted.”

Speaking to The Sun, Angela Levin stated that the future King and Queen Consort will likely “try to avoid any contact” with the former working royals. She suggested this will be the case until they learn and know the content of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir and his and his wife’s Netflix documentary.

The royal biographer continued that this is the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s fault.

The Mirror, in its recent piece covering the matter, quoted Levin, saying, “It’s their own fault for vastly exaggerating and being rude.”

It continues, “[the Sussexes] have lost their chance of being trusted as the chance is they will use any conversation.”

The expert’s statements appeared to have echoed another royal author’s claims to Us Weekly.

Speaking to the publication Tuesday, Christopher Andersen shared his beliefs that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be “playing royal hide and seek” with the British Royals, especially Kate Middleton and Prince William, in the next few days of their stay in the royals’ turf.

He also noted that the latter two royals will likely “avoid” the former working royals as the family prepares for the arrival of the Duke of Sussex’s memoir.

The royal expert continued that the first few days of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s trip would not be “too awkward” as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “out of the way” as they have gone to Balmoral. He believes, however, that the case will be different when Harry and Meghan fly back to the U.K. on September 8.

Andersen explained that the two pairs are “going to be, literally, a brief stroll from each other on the grounds of Windsor.”

Elsewhere in the exchange, the “Day Diana Died” author emphasized that the British Royals “do not want to see each other because everybody’s worried” about Prince Harry’s memoir, which he believes will house loads of, “obviously, bombshells.”

In the end, Andersen asserted that the royals do not likely want to talk to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “until they have seen [the tell-all book].”

Aside from the unlikely meeting with Prince William and Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are “not planning to see” Prince Charles, either, according to ITV News.

As for the possibility of the former working royals meeting or seeing Queen Elizabeth II, who is currently staying at Balmoral, the outlet said the matter remains unknown.