There is reportedly an ongoing “war” between the Cambridges and the Sussexes. As claimed, Kate Middleton and Prince William are competing with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to grab the “attention” of the younger generation.

Express UK said the assertions came after Eric Schiffer was asked whether the two pairs would compete for the spotlight. He noted that “there already is,” and expounded on the matter.

Speaking to the publication, the brand and reputation expert stated that the two couples are “in a war” for several things. He said that these include “attention and legitimacy,” adding that they are competing for the “hearts and minds” of the young people.

Schiffer continued that Prince William and Kate Middleton “have it hardwired” already because of their current positions as the future King and Queen Consort of the British Monarchy.

But, he argued that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have “interceded unconsciously in the minds of young people as their source of most relevant royal authority,” adding that the former working royals “have wisely done” it in the last few years.

Despite this, the expert noted that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge remain “wise to not cede the base of the future of America” to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, pointing out that it would be “foolish” not to do so.

Eric Schiffer later provided some suggestions on how Kate Middleton and Prince William can grab the spotlight from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. He said they can do so by “leveraging social” and “leveraging the right icons of Gen Z and Millennials.”

The brand and reputation expert added that the senior working royals need the “show-don’t tell” dynamic, especially on “supporting causes close to young Americans.” He stated they should demonstrate they are “not in any way out-of-touch royal elites.”

The exchange between the expert and Express UK occurred before Meghan Markle’s cover feature for New York magazine’s “The Cut” surfaced.

Following the interview’s publication on Monday, though, the tone of reception toward the former actress allegedly changed. As explained, it comes as the Duchess of Sussex has faced backlash for her “surprising” and “bizarre” statements.

Writing for the Daily Mail, published Friday, Amanda Platell claimed that the former “Suits” actress “has been called the ‘Petulant Princess’ in the United States.” She also asserted that Prince Harry’s wife’s “stardust is diminishing” in her home country, adding that “the public are more interested” in Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Platell later wrote, "This was the week the world woke up to who Meghan really is. And it seems they didn't like it."