Adele and Rich Paul are allegedly planning on eloping before the summer ends.

A source told Heat UK that Adele and Paul are madly in love with each other. In fact, after just a year of dating, the couple decided to move in together.

And on one occasion, the British singer was photographed with a ring on her engagement finger. This caused an uproar among her fans who were convinced that she and Paul are already secretly engaged.

The source said that with the rate things are going, it’s only a matter of time before Adele and Paul tie the knot.

“It’s just a question of timing. Adele’s already said she’d love to elope before the end of summer. They’re being very open about it and she’s been dropping serious hints about welcoming a little one very soon too,” the source said.

The source claimed that Adele and Paul are quite advanced with their thinking since they are already thinking of baby names. And the couple has also started setting up their baby’s nursery.

“It’s been full steam ahead for the past several months. It’s all moving very quickly. Adele’s dreams are coming true and then some,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the insider also claimed that Adele and Paul’s wedding may happen after the singer finishes her Las Vegas residency. And since they are already in Sin City, it’s highly likely for them to wed there.

“They’ve gone from being at a total crisis point to planning the rest of their lives together. Right now, they are figuring out when and where, but they’ve already talked about a quickie ceremony, most likely in Vegas. They love what Ben and J.Lo did,” the source said.

With this, the source also claimed that there’s a possibility that Adele is already pregnant. However, she’s keeping the information a secret for now because she and Paul want to wait until they know the gender of their unborn child.

For now, it’s best to take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, there’s no proof that Adele and Paul are in a rush to tie the knot. And it’s even more untrue that the couple wants to have a baby soon.

Adele and Paul are not engaged either. And it seems they are just enjoying each other’s company for now.