Rich Paul allegedly cheated on his girlfriend, Adele during the singer’s birthday.

In its May 30 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Paul decided to skip Adele’s birthday celebration so that he could go to Miami and party with his friends.

But while there, the mogul was allegedly photographed chatting and flirting with a group of women.

“His friends haven’t seen him this happy in a very long time. He spent her birthday partying in Miami with LeBron, and there were a ton of pretty girls coming over to their table. It’s obviously hurtful to Adele that he chose to go off and do that,” the source said.

The source claimed that Adele didn’t want the public to know what Paul has been doing behind her back. So, she has been telling her family and friends that they are taking a breather. After all, they have been spending so much time with each other in the past couple of months.

And to ensure that no one would suspect that there’s something wrong between them, Adele allegedly decided to post throwback photos of herself with Paul. This way, fans would think that everything is going well behind closed doors.

But the “Rolling in the Deep” singer’s upcoming Las Vegas residency could cause more harm than good to their relationship.

“It hasn’t hit Adele that this is really the end, but it’s hard for their friends to see them getting back together. She’s a total diva, and Rich is sick of being treated like help. He’s been telling his friends he’s going to talk to her soon and tell her he wants friendship and nothing more. So, unless something drastic changes, it’s over,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no proof that Adele and Paul have already called it quits. And photos of Paul chatting with a group of women don’t necessarily mean that he flirted with them.

By the looks of it, the tabloid is just making up a story about the couple to make it seem as though their relationship is over. But what they didn’t realize is that it’s actually going strong.

After all, Adele recently purchased a multi-million mansion in the United States. And it seems this would be her and Paul’s future home when they tie the knot.