Keith Urban couldn’t be more grateful to his wife, Nicole Kidman.

In its May 16 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that Urban owes his life to Kidman. After all, if not for the actress’s strength and understanding, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

“Keith doesn’t like to think where he’d be these days without Nicole. Her strength, understanding, and patience saved his life. One of the major factors in him not relapsing is that he couldn’t bear to hurt her or their girls,” the source said.

During an interview, Urban revealed that he grew up in a house where he always saw his dad dealing with his addiction. So, as he got older, he decided that he wanted to have a different life.

Following his dad’s death in 2015, the country musician vowed to never follow in his dad’s footsteps. He also made sure to change the direction of his life with the help of his wife.

“Their family life together is a dream come true for Keith. Nicole is his rock. She knows addiction is a daily struggle and she’s always there for Keith day or night, even when they’re apart. She also makes sure he has a solid team around him for support when their careers take them to opposite ends of the world. She does everything she can to keep him out of harm’s way,” the source said.

It is true that Urban and Kidman have one of the strongest marriages in Hollywood. In fact, the couple proved how united they are when the Big Little Lies actress got into an altercation with one theatergoer before the pandemic.

At the time, the unknown theatergoer nudged Kidman because she was allegedly blocking his way. And when Urban found out about what happened, he immediately came to his wife’s defense.

Over the years, the couple has also given a slew of interviews where they praise and credit each other for their respective success. All these moments prove just how much Urban and Kidman love each other.

But even if this is the case, there are still some tabloids out there that are claiming that the couple’s marriage is falling apart. In fact, there was even a time wherein Urban and Kidman were rumored to be getting divorced.

However, none of these claims were ever proven to be true.