Khloe Kardashian is allegedly struggling to be happy for the arrival of her second child – a boy – with Tristan Thompson.

A source told Star that Kardashian wants nothing more than to focus on the pregnancy of her surrogate. Even though she’s not the one carrying her second child, she still wants to be part of her surrogate’s whole pregnancy journey.

However, the reality TV star is feeling a new round of hurt after learning that her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, Tristan Thompson doesn’t feel any remorse.

A source claimed that shortly after Thompson’s latest cheating scandal made headlines, he immediately returned to his playboy and partying ways.

“It’s a huge kick in the teeth. Instead of keeping his head down and acting with compassion, Tristan has gone right back to his playboy ways. It would be nice if he was acting like a grown-up instead of a sexed-up bachelor,” the source said.

Last week, Kardashian and Thompson were once again at the center of rumors.  But contrary to the recent claims, the same tabloid alleged that Kardashian couldn’t be more excited about the birth of her son.

“Khloe really wanted a brother for True. But the timing was so, so tough on Khloe. She took a long time to process the hurt and the shock but chose to cling to the good news instead of resentment or bitterness,” the source said.

The fact that the tabloid published two contradicting stories about Kardashian within a span of a week proves that they are just speculating on how she really is right now.

Kardashian has stayed mum on her issues with Thompson. But other sources insist that the two are still in touch because they have a daughter together. But other than this, the exes barely communicate.

Us Weekly also claimed that Thompson tried to get back together with Kardashian but failed. After all, the basketball star could no longer charm his baby mama after a series of cheating scandals.

As of late, both Kardashian and Thompson are still single. And it’s unclear if they will ever get back together again. But for now, they are both focused on the arrival of their son, as well as their adorable 4-year-old daughter, True.

The exes are also focused on their personal lives and careers.