Khloe Kardashian is expecting her second child with Tristan Thompson via a surrogate that they hired last year.

According to Heat UK, Kardashian is still able to carry her second child but she refused to do so because she didn’t want to gain weight again.

In recent months, eagle-eyed fans have noticed how much weight Kardashian lost and they’re all impressed with her progress.

Now, the magazine’s source is saying that Kardashian worked so hard to achieve her dream body so she wouldn’t let anyone – even another baby – take this away from her.

“There were medical reasons that factored into her decision to use a surrogate, but not putting such a strain on her body was a huge motivation,” the source said.

The Good American founder has been very honest about her struggles. In fact, she previously shared that her doctor told her that if she gets pregnant again, there’s an 80 percent chance that she would lose her unborn child.

“Kim and Khloe know their bodies are their meal ticket. They made a pact at the start of the year that they’d go all out to get into the best possible shape, and they’ve thrown themselves into the project. Kim even upped the insurance premium on her butt from $21 million to $100 million. It’s getting quite competitive between them. They’re both in the gym constantly and are spending thousands every month on their looks,” the source said.

The source also claimed that the sisters’ goal is to make everyone’s jaws drop when they see them. And they are slowly but surely making this dream a reality.

As of late, Kardashian has not explained why exactly did she decide to hire a surrogate to carry her and Thompson’s second child. But based on her previous explanations, the decision had something to do with her health and not because she wanted to stay as slim as ever.

Kardashian and Thompson’s baby number two announcement also came as a shock to everyone. After all, it happened just months after Thompson’s cheating scandal broke out.

Reports confirmed that the basketball star cheated on Kardashian with a woman that he impregnated. And Thompson even denied that he was the father of the baby until he underwent a paternity test and confirmed that he was related to his son, Theo.