Princess Anne reportedly appears to have put Kate Middleton and Prince William to shame with her current activities. Unlike the young royal couple, who is currently on a summer break, she continues to undertake several engagements.

Express UK said the Princess Royal “powers through her schedule,” filling up her diary with royal engagements. It added that she has “little concern for the summer break” as she continues to work even during this season.

This comes as an analysis of the Court Circular, which is the official record detailing the senior British Royals’ public engagements, reportedly shows that the Queen’s daughter completed nine official activities between July 18 and July 22. She is also said to be doing ten more official duties from July 25 to 29.

In the case of Prince William and Kate Middleton, however, their last public engagement is reported to have taken place outside the palace walls on July 10. It was when they headed to Wimbledon to watch the men’s singles final with their first-born son.

Days after the outing, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen boarding a helicopter alongside their children. Reports have since claimed that they have taken their children to a holiday destination as they have normally done every year during the summer season.

The future King and Queen Consort are known to be hands-on parents to their three young children. As noted, they always try to provide their kids a “childhood as normal as possible” despite their roles in the British Monarchy.

In their defense, though, a royal expert shed some light on what reportedly appears to be “a lack of balance” in the distribution of the workload among the British Royals. As stated, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s commitment to their causes is “impactful” despite not carrying out as many engagements as the other senior members. 

Speaking to Express UK, Richard Fitzwilliams pointed out that the British Royal Family “carry out over 3,000 engagements” every year, adding that the members are “attached to over 3,000 institutions.” He noted that it all “represents a very significant link with the charitable sector.”

The royal expert continued that Prince Charles and Princess Anne, who have over 400 and 300 connections, respectively, “invariably carry out the most engagements, and both are extremely hard working.”

As for Kate Middleton and Prince William, although they have “fewer patronages,” Fitzwilliams said their connections and links with them “give enormous boosts to mental health,” “environment,” “fight against the illegal wildlife trade,” “homelessness,” and “early years of childhood.” He later added that the interest in the royal couple “is such that the benefits are often both national and international.”