Things were not well at first between Prince William and Laura Lopes, daughter of Camilla Parker Bowles. They reportedly used to fight over which of their parents broke their respective homes.

Express UK recently unearthed the claims that Katie Nicholl made in her 2010 book, “Harry and William.” She said the two personalities “used to have terrible fights” as they blamed each other’s parents for breaking their families.

The royal expert wrote in her material that she learned the matter from a family friend of the royals. She quoted the source in her book, saying, “William would blame Camilla [Parker Bowles] for all the hurt she had caused his mother, which would send Laura into a rage.”

Lopes, then Parker Bowles, was not allegedly having any of it, causing her to “take a hard line and fire back” at Prince William. As claimed, she would say, “Your father, [Prince Charles], has ruined my life.”

Nicholl also pointed out in “Harry and William” that Camilla Parker Bowles’ daughter “could not care less that it was the Prince of Wales.” As stated, “she blamed him for breaking up her parents’ marriage,” adding that she “was not afraid to tell William so.”

As per the publication, the royal expert cited an incident wherein Laura Lopes would show how much she did not care about the next person in line to the British Throne.

She reportedly revealed that when the royal-born Prince called the now-Duchess of Cornwall on the phone at their family home in Wiltshire, “Laura would pick up an extension and shout down the receiver: ‘Why don’t you stop calling mummy and leave our family alone.’”

Prince William and Laura Lopes have not made any official comments regarding the claims. Likewise, all other involved personalities in the assertions have maintained their silence, making the allegations unconfirmed.

But, a different royal author seemingly had a similar claim, noting that the Duke of Cambridge did not have the best relationship with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

A separate report from Express UK unearthed Robert Lacey’s assertions, which he highlighted in his 2020 book, “Battle of Brothers.” As alleged, the Duchess of Cornwall was taken aback by the Prince of Wales's eldest son’s “temper,” supposedly saying, “the boy’s got a temper,” after marrying into the family in 2005.

The now-next Queen Consort had reportedly been “horrified at the ranting and raving that on occasion [the oldest Wales prince] had unleashed” against the future King in front of her.

Fast-forward to today, though, Prince Charles and Prince William are believed to have mended ties, with a relationship “built on love, affection, and respect,” according to The Mirror.

The same reportedly applies to his ties to Camilla Parker Bowles. It came after sources claimed the Duke of Cambridge was “happy” with Queen Elizabeth II’s wishes for his stepmother to become Queen Consort when his father is King.