Several high-profile aides have left the office of Kamala Harris. This has led to the emergence of some assertions about the American leader, especially what she is like as a boss.

A source told OK! magazine that one may have wondered whether the Vice President of the United States “is a boss who works people hard or a boss from hell.”

The insider did not provide anything else regarding the matter. But, the outlet quoted The Hill, saying, “The revolving door has made headlines during Harris’s tenure, creating a narrative of instability” in the office of the Vice President.

It continues, “But, some Democrats worry about larger implications, particularly if President Biden chooses not to run for re-election.”

It is also added that the recent exit of one of her long-time aides, Rohini Kosoglu, after nearly six years by her side, “was particularly significant because she was one of the few aides who personally knew [the Vice President]’s preferences, style, and policy expertise.”

Meanwhile, Mail Online recently reported that staff members and aides from the office of Harris "have been jumping ship after a year full of messaging blunders and a barrage of personal attacks" on the Vice President. It added, as well, that this is "combined with low poll numbers and viral rumors of toxicity within the office," on top of the alleged "tensions" between her and the President of the United States. 

A source previously told OK! magazine that things had “escalated” between Kamala Harris and Joe Biden since they entered the White House in 2021.

It was alleged that the “division” between the two camps “could not be bigger,” adding that “the situation is dire.”

In addition, the Vice President was also claimed to be “manipulative,” noting that “she desperately wants to take the Oval in 2024.”

The insider consequently stated, “if anyone thinks [Harris] sticking to the side of Obama like super glue wasn’t a well-heeled plan, they’ve never worked in politics, clearly.”

No official word has been heard yet from Kamala Harris, alongside his office, regarding the claims.

Aside from the lack of comment and confirmation, the insiders have not given any evidence to support the assertions.

This seemingly makes the recent narrative highly speculative.

Meanwhile, some netizens previously shared their thoughts about the claims about Kamala Harris being a “boss from hell.” It appears that the talks about the matter have been around, considering that the thread on Quora first surfaced in December 2021.

The original poster asked the platform users whether the claim was true. The respondents said otherwise, though, with one individual emphasizing that the American leader would not be at her level of success “without a staff who love working for her.”