Jennifer Aniston has been in the industry for several decades. But it seems the time has come for her to bid the craft that she loves dearly goodbye.

An unnamed source told National Enquirer that Aniston is already losing her luster. After all, she has not received any new projects in the last couple of months.

“Aniston seems frozen in time. She hasn’t changed her look or her hair since about 2000, and the things she’s famous for are well in the past. She’s not going to premieres or parties. She doesn’t give away any details of her life or broadcast what she’s doing on social media. She’s starting to fade out of the public consciousness,” the source said.

Throughout the past couple of years, Aniston has left her face to some of the biggest beauty and fashion brands. However, no one wants to work with her anymore because the experts think that she’s overexposed.

“Any time a celebrity or brand offers an endorsement, they give up a little bit of their equity. The more companies they associate themselves with, the less impact they are likely to have after each deal,” the source said.

According to the source, it seems that Aniston’s time is long again. After all, she only became a big hit when social media wasn’t available. But now, brands and agencies are looking to hire younger individuals.

“Jennifer became famous when that really meant something, an era where celebrities were fawned over. The whole self-obsessed, social media-driven culture we have today, where people resort to even more exploitative and sensational tactics just to get a scrap of attention? I’m sure she’d rather be seen as a has-been than desperate like that,” the source said.

However, the tabloid’s claims aren’t obviously true. Aniston is still an in-demand actress and commercial model. In fact, she also has a lot of projects in the pipeline.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife is busy filming the upcoming episodes of The Morning Show. The hit Apple TV series will return for a third season in the coming months.

Aniston also has a slew of other projects in the pipeline. And in April, reports confirmed that she and her co-star, Adam Sandler just wrapped up their filming for Murder Mystery 2. The official release date of the movie has not yet been announced.