Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are allegedly sick and tired of faking their friendship.

In its July 18 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Aniston and Witherspoon never really got along. However, they were forced to fake their friendship because they co-star in the hit Apple TV series, The Morning Show.

A source claimed that tensions between Aniston and Witherspoon started way back in 2000 shortly after the latter gave birth to her daughter, Ava.

“Reese had just had her daughter Ava and breastfed her on the set. Jen kind of looked down her nose at it or at least that’s how Reese felt. It was an open secret that they didn’t like each other, but they played up having a special bond because the fans ate it up,” the source said.

The source also claimed that after several years, Aniston and Witherspoon agreed to team up for The Morning Show because of their $2 million paychecks and not because they’re close friends.

“They joined forces to make a ton of money and that’s really where the quote-unquote friendship starts and ends,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the source also claimed that Aniston became upset with Witherspoon because she was once attracted to Brad Pitt.

“When Reese saw a picture of Brad looking super-hot, she left a heart-eye emoji and the words ‘Oh dear’ in the response. That was disrespectful to Jen, and it’s not something she’s forgotten,” the source said.

According to the source, Aniston and Witherspoon do not also hang out outside of their work.

“They rarely socialize outside the official show-related functions, and they both have their own team of producers and helpers orbiting them when they’re filming together,” the source said.

Rumors of an alleged feud between Aniston and Witherspoon have been rife for years. However, there’s still no proof that this is the case.

In fact, Aniston and Witherspoon have both gushed over each other in interviews, which proves that there’s really no tension between them.

It’s not also true that Aniston looked down on Witherspoon shortly after she gave birth to her daughter. Or that the Friends star felt disrespected by Witherspoon’s comment on Pitt’s photo.

All of these claims are just being made by the tabloid to make it seem as though the A-listers are feuding even when they’re not.