Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are now husband and wife. However, the newly wedded couple has not reportedly planned a honeymoon yet.

A source recently told People that the celebrity pair will host a larger wedding celebration after their surprise weekend nuptial. It is said to be a “bigger party so they can celebrate with family and friends.”

However, no other details were given regarding the said event. It remains unclear when and where it would happen.

The same insider consequently noted that Lopez and Affleck “do not have a honeymoon planned yet.” She reportedly says that “every day with Ben is a honeymoon.”

The magazine later quoted the source, saying, “Ever since they started dating again, Jennifer has truly believed that this is it. She is looking forward to growing old with Ben,” adding that “she is very happy and content with [him].”

It is also claimed that the “Marry Me” actress “could not ask for anything else” as “she thinks it is all perfect.”

Following the claims, though, no official word has been heard yet from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Also, the source has not provided any proof to support the assertions.

It all comes after the “Justice League” actor and the “On The Floor” singer tied the knot in Las Vegas over the weekend. She confirmed the relationship milestone in the Sunday edition of her “On The JLo” newsletter.

Jennifer Lopez revealed some details from the special day, including their flight to the “wedding capital of the world” on Saturday and the queue for a marriage license they obtained.

The songstress also noted that the ceremony was “exactly what [they] wanted” for their wedding.

BBC said Monday that Lopez plans to change her name, taking Ben Affleck’s surname. It reported that the Clark County Clerk’s Office in Nevada shows on its record system that she will soon become “Jennifer Affleck.”

Meanwhile, the two celebrities may reportedly have yet to plan their honeymoon, but they did their wedding according to their liking.

A different source told People earlier that the nuptial in Las Vegas was “not completely unplanned.” As explained, the duo had previously discussed eloping, adding that they were “both comfortable with the idea.”

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reportedly “talked about it for a while.” It is also claimed that having a private ceremony was “very important for them” as “they did not want their wedding to be a spectacle.”