Prince William is now the same age as Kate Middleton. He turned 40 Tuesday, more than five months after his wife.

With the special life milestone, Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly given the royal couple a “generous” gift. Express UK said she has permitted the pair to throw a party at one of her royal residences later this summer.

As claimed, the event will be a “joint celebration” of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 40th birthdays. This reportedly comes after the latter’s plans were canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The venue is said to be either at Sandringham Estate or Windsor Castle.

The publication continued that the reported plans came after a supposed agreement among the British Royals had urged Prince William and Kate Middleton to “celebrate their landmark birthdays in style.” Moreover, in line with the “decade milestones” for both senior members of the Royal Firm, it is believed that Queen Elizabeth II may attend the party.

A palace source reportedly noted, however, that the British Monarch would not confirm her attendance. The public will get to learn about her plans on the day of the event.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear when and where exactly the supposed birthday bash will occur. But, the outlet later stated that it would make sense for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to take up their “gift” from Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

This is said to be in consideration of the speculations that the Cambridge Royals will relocate to Windsor this summer.

There have been claims that Prince William and Kate Middleton will leave London for Berkshire. It is believed that they will move into Adelaide Cottage, which is less than five minutes away from Windsor Castle.

On Monday, a source revealed the supposed reasons behind the said relocation of the Cambridge Royals, according to Express UK. As explained, the passing of Prince Philip “have played a part” in it.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the informant alleged that the Duke of Cambridge wanted to move to the estate to be “closer” to Queen Elizabeth II. This and the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh were said to be some of the “things that has hastened their move to Berkshire this summer.”

But, following all the speculations, the British Royals, especially Prince William and Kate Middleton, have yet to make any confirmation regarding the matter. Accordingly, it remains unclear whether they will indeed relocate from Kensington Palace to Windsor.