Kate Middleton and Prince William continue to face speculations of relocation to the grounds of Windsor. While confirmations have yet to emerge, a source recently revealed that the royal-born Prince has valid reasons behind the potential move.

Express UK said it is the Duke of Cambridge’s “desire to be closer” to Queen Elizabeth II that pushes him to make the move.

It noted, though, that the assertion came from a royal insider who spoke with the Daily Mail regarding the matter.

As explained, the future King is “very protective of his grandmother.” It is also claimed that he is “always checking in with [the British Monarch] to make sure she understands why things are happening in a certain way,” and not because he and the Duchess of Cambridge “want to do something different to the traditional model.”

The same royal source reportedly continued that the passing of Prince Philip has played an integral role in the matter. 

The public would recall that the Duke of Edinburgh passed away in April 2021.

It is also said to be “one of the things that has hastened [Prince William and Kate Middleton’s] move to Berkshire this summer.”

The publication later quoted the source, saying, “losing the Duke of Edinburgh has left a big hole” in the lives of the British Royal Family members.

In the case of the Duke of Cambridge, his grandfather was reportedly a “great counsel” to him, causing him to feel “very protective” of the Queen.

Amid all the speculations and claims, though, Prince William and the rest of the British Royals have yet to break their silence regarding the matter. It remains unclear whether he and Kate Middleton, alongside their three children, indeed plan to relocate to Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

Despite the lack of verification, however, a royal expert has already shared praise toward the future King and Queen Consort for the speculated move to Windsor. A separate report from Express UK provided the details of the statements made to its “Royal Round-Up” podcast.

Speaking to host Pandora Forsyth, Cameron Walker explained that the potential move to Adelaide Cottage is “quite smart” on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s part. He noted that this is because “no costly refurb is required” in the estate.

The expert continued that the property was refurbished only in 2015. Accordingly, “none of the taxpayers’ money” is needed when the Cambridge household relocates.

Walker also pointed out that the estate is “within the kind of Royal security perimeter” as it is on the grounds of Windsor. Hence, he believes Prince William and Kate Middleton no longer “need to spend” extra money on security.