A body language expert has claimed that Prince Harry looks different when he attends engagements without Meghan Markle by his side. He reportedly has “resilience” and “confidence” when he is on his own.

Express UK reported that the analyses came from Darren Stanton. He recently spoke to Marie Claire magazine to discuss the matter, explaining his observations about the royal-born Prince.

The expert shared that the Duke of Sussex “seems to be more of his own man” when he is alone on engagements. As added, “he has a confidence and resilience [people] do not tend to see” when the Duchess of Sussex is with him.

Stenton continued that Prince Harry looks “genuinely most happy” by himself.

The publication quoted the expert, saying, “It is really interesting that [the Duke of Sussex] appears always at his most relaxed… when he’s either at the Invictus Games interacting with all the other athletes and attendees, or at other sporting occasions such as the polo.”

As noted, the analyses of the body language expert came after the royal-born Prince played a match with local team Los Padres earlier this month. He is said to have played the sport regularly in their community following their relocation.

Meanwhile, a royal commentator previously asserted that Prince Harry had realized his “deep unhappiness” following their return to the United Kingdom.

Geo News reported that the assertions were from Neil Sean, who spoke about the matter on his own YouTube Channel.

In one of his videos, the expert reportedly stated that the Duke of Sussex looked “deeply unhappy up close,” adding that he was “not at all happy with his new lot in life.” He was speculated to have “missed” his royal life, and returning to his home country became a “stark reminder of what he has walked from” since leaving the royal life.

Sean later reportedly told his audience that the royal-born Prince now has a “life of injunctions, press attacks, and failed TV deals.” 

A different body language expert had similar analyses earlier this year. As claimed, Prince Harry did not look “as happy as” he did in the United Kingdom.

A separate report from Express UK noted that renowned expert Dr. Lillian Glass made the observations following the royal-born Prince’s few appearances and outings in the United States. She shared that he did not give off a “genuine smile” in most of the photos.

The expert reportedly continued that this was the case “since [the Duke of Sussex] has been in America.” She was said to have reiterated that the former working royal did not appear “as happy as he looked in [his home country].”